sábado, 29 de dezembro de 2012

December's review

Hi DupliCiters!
How was you week? Are you having fun during the holidays?
Almost in the end of the year... Ready? Outfit chosen?
We leave you the month review, hoping you to comment!
What's your favorite look?

olá DupliCiters!
Como foi essa semana de férias? Divirtiram-se?
É quase fim de ano... Preparados? Esses outfits, estão escolhidos?
Deixamo-vos o resumo do mês, para nos dizerem de vossa justiça, claro!
Qual é o vosso look favorito?

sexta-feira, 28 de dezembro de 2012

God is in the details II

Hi dupliciters!
Super quick post to show you more details of our outfits!
We are working a lot in Ana's thesis so this is a one minute post...
I hope you like the details! Tomorrow we will review the month.
Love you all!
Don't forget to visit our facebook and our lookbook...
Oh... and checkout the giveaway!

Olá dupliciters!
Post super-rápido para mostrar mais detalhes dos nossos outfits!
Nós tamos a dar-lhe na tese da Ana, por isso, este post é feito num minuto...
Espero que gostem! Amanhã vamos rever o mês.
Obrigado a todos os que nos seguem!
Não se esqueçam de visitar o facebook e o lookbook...
Oh... e vejam o giveaway!

quinta-feira, 27 de dezembro de 2012

God is in the detaisl!

Hi DupliCiters!
We are reviewing our year and we thought that was funny to show you some details of our outfits! this is the first compilation... To see the full outfits you just have to visit our LookBook page or surf through the blog!
But we want to know about you...
Whats your favorite accessorie? What you cant leave when you are out?
Ana's favorite accessorie is a scarf... and ana's favorite is the lipstick!!!
Let us a message!
And don't forget to check our giveaway!

Olá DupliCiters!
Nós estamos a rever o nosso ano e pensámos que seria engraçado fazer diversas compilações para vos mostrar como tem corrido a aventura do blog!
Assim surge a primeira compilação de detalhes!
Para verem os outfits por inteiro basta irem ao LookBook ou explorarem um pouco o blog!
Mas antes disso queremos saber qualquer coisa... Qual é o vosso acessório favorito? Qual é o acessório sem o qual não consegues sair de casa?
A Ana adora lenços! e a Ana adora batons!
Deixa-nos o teu comentário e não te esqueças de ver o nosso giveaway!

quarta-feira, 26 de dezembro de 2012

BB: Black & Blue

Hi DupliCiters!
Well well, the year is ending and everyone is thinking about wishes to 2013, isnt that right?
But we still have one wish this year, and we cant reach it without your help...
Our wish is 100 followers, until 2013 - do you think we can?
We have three platforms and we want to get it in one of them:
Will you help us?
Love you all!



Olá DupliCiters!
Bem, o ano está a terminar e todos nós fazemos imensos desejos para 2013, não é?
Nós temos um desejo ainda para 2012, que é bem fácil de realizar, mas apenas com a vossa ajuda!
O nosso desejo é chegar a 2013 com 100 seguidores numa das três plataformas:
Acham que conseguem satisfazer o nosso desejo??
Love you all!

Blogger Icon: Juliett K. | madame julietta | maffashion

Hi dupliciters!
In every activity of our life we have to see models/icons... Its the same with blogging!
When I saw Maffashion blog I wanted to have a blog too... And then... The DupliCity borned!
Juliett has her own style, that no one should copy... (and i think no one can)
I hope that one day The DupliCity becomes so special, and our style inspire you as she inspires me!




Fonte: Maffashion

Olá dupliciters!
Em todas as actividades da nossa vida temos que ter modelos/icons... acontece o mesmo com blogar!
O blog Maffashion deu-me vontade de ter algo igual... Algum tempo depois, nasceu o The DupliCity!
A Juliett tem um estilo muito próprio, que ninguém deve tentar imitar para não cair em algo desajustado!
Espero que um dia The DupliCity se torne tão especial... E inspire outros como Maffashion nos inspira a nós!

terça-feira, 25 de dezembro de 2012

Waking up on Christmas Morning...

Hi dupliciters!

What about Christmas Eve? What do you receive?
Yesterday we announced the winner of the competition, right? Christmas is about giving so... we did it! but still want to give another present in 2012, what do you think?

And there's nothing better than posting at Christmas Morning!
Leave us a comment telling about your Christmas, and don't forget to stay tunned... soon we will have a new giveaway!

Olá dupliciters!
Então essa noite de Natal?
E essas prendas?
Ontem anunciámos o vencedor do passatempo, viram? Aproveitamos o Natal para dar uma prendinha, mas queremos dar outra ainda em 2012, que acham?
Entretanto aproveitamos para vos deixar um novo post, com aspecto natalicio!

segunda-feira, 24 de dezembro de 2012

Giveaway Winner

Hello everybody! 
Merry Christmas to all.
Christmas is time to gifts, right? 
The winner of the competition has been selected!
So... drums beating...

The winner is:
Karolina Wajs

Congratulations Karolina! You will receive an e-mail for us to send your Christmas gift from The Duplicity.
Hope you send us a photo with your Zara headband!

If you didin't win do not worry, we are already preparing a new giveaway!


sexta-feira, 21 de dezembro de 2012

Black doesn't mean sad.

Baroque Pants-Asos I Shirt-Bershka I Watch-OneWatchCompany I Bracelet-Bijou Brigitte

We really love black, it's a sophisticated colour and looks just right in any occation. 
A black shirt, a pair of black boots and black pants and you're ready to go. 
Here the details are crucial. The shirt have some transparencies, the pants are shiny and have a beautiful baroque design. 
Now you just need some jewelry and off you go! 

Hope you like it! 

segunda-feira, 17 de dezembro de 2012

Long day... long week!



Cardigan - Zara | Shirt - Mango | Shorts - Lefties | Boots - Iqon | Bag - Bershka

Well we were trying to post earlier, unfortunately, we were too busy...
Ana is in the deadline of her thesis so... she just type and type!
Ana was working with a awesome dental clinic: please don't postpone your smile!
So... here we are again with strike!
Hope you missed us!

quinta-feira, 13 de dezembro de 2012

Do you like poetry?

Freedom, by Alberto Caieiro (Fernando Pessoa)

Oh, what a pleasure
not to follow a duty!
To have a book
and not read it!
Reading is boring.
Studying is nothing.
The sun shines without literature.
Rivers run without original editions.
And the breeze, so natural to the morning, has plenty of time, and no rush...

Books are papers painted with ink.
Studying is something that can´t distinguish nihil from nothing.

The best is the mist.
It doesn´t matter if Dom Sebastião will ever come back.

Great is the poetry, goodness, and the dances.
But the best in this world are the children,
Flowers, Music, Moonlight, and the Sun, whose only flaw
is sometimes burning instead of making life bloom.

And more than anything else, Jesus Christ,
who didn´t know anything about finances,
and never owned a library.

Fernando Pessoa was genius!
Unfortunately today is a very hard working day! Promoting a dental clinic! 

domingo, 9 de dezembro de 2012

Once upon a time...

Once upon a time... there was a girl who wanted to remain a child forever!
Time goes by and we do not realize it... every day we left a piece of us everywhere, in every moment. 
I'm finishing a stage of my life ... yes, finally i'm seeing the end of my master's degree!




Heels: seaside | Dress: Bershka | Watch: Stradivarius | Leather bracelet: H&M | Headband: Zara

Giveaway: Zara Headband

You know, headpieces are one of the best accessories in the world!
This headband is awesome for any season, don't you think?
All you have to do to enter our give away is:
2. Follow us on Blogger (optional)
Any doubt: theduplicityblog@gmail.com.