terça-feira, 25 de dezembro de 2012

Waking up on Christmas Morning...

Hi dupliciters!

What about Christmas Eve? What do you receive?
Yesterday we announced the winner of the competition, right? Christmas is about giving so... we did it! but still want to give another present in 2012, what do you think?

And there's nothing better than posting at Christmas Morning!
Leave us a comment telling about your Christmas, and don't forget to stay tunned... soon we will have a new giveaway!

Olá dupliciters!
Então essa noite de Natal?
E essas prendas?
Ontem anunciámos o vencedor do passatempo, viram? Aproveitamos o Natal para dar uma prendinha, mas queremos dar outra ainda em 2012, que acham?
Entretanto aproveitamos para vos deixar um novo post, com aspecto natalicio!

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