segunda-feira, 7 de janeiro de 2013

Favorite blogs: Part I

Well well... New year, new blogs... but we don't forget the blogs we love:

Le Blog de Betty: very french, very chic... love it! France wouldn't be France without her blog!
Adeline Rapon: Still in France... we couldn't forget Adeline.
Et porquoi pas Coline: I love her hair!
Be Frassy: She is so awesome - all the american style in France!

4 comentários:

  1. Love Betty! Excellent choice, didn't know the last one!
    Wanna float with us?
    The Floating Team!

  2. amazing blog:) amazing looks:)

    thanks for the comment in my blog. i'm following you now on Bloglovin and GFC=D hope you can do the same=D

  3. Thanks for the great recommendations!

    Fiona xo


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