domingo, 13 de janeiro de 2013

How to wear: beanies

Hi DupliCiters!
Yesterday Ana & I had a discussion about how to wear beanies. 
Large and loose, tight to the head, pulled to the side, pulled up… There are a variety of styles to everybody… But which one do you prefer? 
Below we show different ways to wear it, an inspiration set of beanies.
We also had a problem that you may have too… when we pull the beanie behind the bang, usually it don’t last in this place for a long time, it falls or gave us that impression. 
So, we search for tricks to keep them in place and we put that tutorial with too great tricks below. 
Hope you like it!





Olá DupliCiters!
Ontem tivemos uma discussão sobre como usar gorros.
Grande e frouxo, apertado na cabeça, puxado para o lado... Há uma variedade de estilos, para todos ... Mas qual preferem?
Deixamos maneiras diferentes de usar, um conjunto para vos inspirar.
Também tivemos um problema que é usual...  o gorro estar constantemente a cair.
Então, nós procurar truques para mantê-los no lugar e encontrámos um turorial que vos deixamos.
Espero que vocês gostem!

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  1. i am a beanie addict.. love these pics! I am a new follower of you, would u like to follow me back on gfc? I would be so happy of it! thanks giulia

    1. Hi Giulia! Thanks for comment our 'how to wear'. Of course we'll follow you back. You seem really kind :) Keep following and comment. We'll do the same.

      See u soon

      Ana & Ana

  2. The art of a beanie is difficult to do it right!

    -Lauren at adorn la femme

    1. Hi Laura. Yes, it really is! Hope you liked our post. :)
      Thanks for the comment. Keep following and comment. We'll do the same.

      See u soon

      Ana & Ana

  3. The video tutorial was so helpful! Thankyou! I just got a beret as a gift from the holidays and I wasnt sure how to wear it. I love this post and I love your blog!

    Also, I'm brand new to the blogging world, it would be awesome if you could check out my blog at:


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